Achieving It Academy

Paul and Foster McManus have created the Achieving It Academy to offer simple effective techniques and processes to their patients and fellow practitioners to enable everyone to experience balance in their lives.

They have integrated Touch for Health Kinesiology, Stress Defense Training and Feng Shui into their practice and into a series of Achieving It Academy Seminars and Workshops designed to achieve wellness and success, in whatever you determine "It" to be, to achieve Individual Transformation. The techniques in these seminars will enable you to achieve balance from your internal to your external environment to empower, inspire, motivate and educate individuals to live in their highest potential or to get from where you are to where you want to be.

"As we studied different disciplines for the last 30 plus years, we began to see that everything in the universe depends on balance and is affected by stress. We concentrate on techniques that balance the body and address how to minimize the effects of stress in all areas of the Triad of Health:

  • Structurally through body work
  • Nutritionally through diet and supplementation
  • Emotionally through techniques that connect the mind with the body.

We realized that the environment we live and work in is as important as our internal environment and must also be in balance for us to achieve harmony and well-being.

Our Touch For Health Kinesiology and Environmental Balancing Classes

offer strong foundations to expand and compliment your wellness and treatment plans.

We hope that you will join us on our journey to bring health and wellbeing to our planet!"

Paul and Foster