Top Ten Pain Releasers

A great self-help class for you, your family and friends

What you will learn

1) Basic Muscle Response Testing

2) Auricular Energy - for tight neck muscles
Use the ears and reflex points to relax the neck muscles

3) Pain Relief through music

4) Meridian Massage - for pain & stress relief
Trace the 14 meridians to move energy and balance the body!

5) Specific Neuromuscular Reset - for pain
Use muscle response testing as a biofeedback tool to reset pain recptors!

6) Brazilian Toe Massage- a personal favorite

And much more!

This interactive, fun filled class is taught by two instructors!

Yes two instructors for the price of one!

Paul McManus, CMT

Foster McManus, DC



Cost $125 + Manual $13

CEUs Available


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