Achieving IT Academy

Environmental Balancing Workshops

Internal Environmental Balancing

Basic Muscle Testing

In this introductory workshop learn the basics of muscle response testing and easy self help techniques to increase your energy anytime anywhere. (Book $10 + 4 CEs $5)

Massage Techniques for Home Use

This class is structured as a workshop for couples or pairs of friends to learn simple massage techniques to safely massage through clothing and relax at home without strain or pain.

Basic Nutrition: 101

In this introductory workshop learn what to eat and what not to eat, to build the foundation of a balanced healthy diet plan and reduce the impact of stress on a cellular level.

Stress: 101

This class reveals the fundamentals of the Stress Response in the body and how it impacts every aspect of your health and how to fortify yourself to minimize the dangerous effects of stress.

External Environmental Balancing

Feng Shui: 101

In this fun interactive workshop learn the basics of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, which has been used for centuries to balance the world we live in.

Learn where and what to move to create a relaxed and energizing space. (Materials $5)

Goal Setting/Vision Boards

In this fun creative workshop learn how to set and anchor goals and create a vision board as a tool to help you maintain your focus on these goals. (Materials $5)

All Classes and Workshops are 4 Hours and $59.00 + Materials.